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Which one is right for you?

Our release of information service is fully scalable, offering our California clients the ability to adapt our services to meet their specific and evolving needs.

Remote Release of Information

Our corporate office is granted encrypted and secure remote access to your electronic patient health records, and logs in daily to fulfill any and all of your medical records requests.

On-site Release of Information

A dedicated Datalink ITS Specialist will visit your office weekly to scan your paper medical records and/or perform record extractions from your electronic patient health record, in response to incoming medical records requests from any and all requestors (including continuing care). Once scanned, the data is securely transmitted to our corporate offices and fulfilled by our support staff.

Hybrid Release of Information

Let us customize our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you have fully integrated electronic health records, or you are still in the process of transitioning and have a combination of both paper and electronic health records (or whether you prefer on-site data extraction over remote data extraction).

Other benefits include training of your staff by credentialed instructors, HIPAA-compliant PHI disclosure logs updated daily, and unlimited access to our knowledgeable and friendly support staff who are available to assist with any and all services or industry-related questions and concerns.