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Business Preparation: Relocating Your Practice

Relocating your practice is a strenuous process for business owners and medical practitioners in 2022. Guidelines have to be adhered to, paperwork filed, and a great deal of work needs to be done months in advance. Here are some tips on getting that process going, and making sure it runs smoothly throughout.

Why are you relocating your practice?

For most businesses this is an obvious answer. However, some are still on the fence of why it’s necessary, or ‘if’ it’s necessary. Make sure you don’t withhold and reservations about relocating, and all parties involved are on the same page. Communication is key when preparing for a move, as small details can become major issues if overlooked.

For a medical practice, there’s deeper details you’ll need to take care of beforehand. While appearance, layout, transportation, all still apply, the process of preparing patients and current staff usually will absorb far more time than the rest. Also, ownership of the practice will have to be determined, and is another reason public practices may relocate to start private. Whether you are relocating or closing will imply a great deal into what to expect of the new location, as well as the previous.

What will happen to the previous location?

For medical practices, this offers a great opportunity for liaison prior to completely committing to the new location. This way, if the practice is being maintained and taken over by another party, the level of service and quality is sustained.

Common reasons for relocating are: larger space, rent prices, business expansion, or a new business model. Depending on how you fit into one of these categories (if any), prepare accordingly. If you still have doubts, seek out professional consultation for relocating your business or practice. With years of experience, we’re prepared for any questions that may come up and how best to proceed. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you soon about relocating your practice!